Welcome to the bad hippo design home page, the place to see what’s going on with the bad hippo design team, and to browse our portfolio of websites and design work.  We’re just getting started, but hope to have lots more here in the next six months or so.  Keep checking back, we’ll be using the ‘what are we up to?’ box as a sort of rolling status, and anything significant will be in the development blog.

Stay tuned…

Just finished up with the new design for joshandmeg.net.  The new site is live now.

We've just finished up the new WordPress theme for joshandmeg.net.  For the new theme, the home page is an aggregation of content from the Gallery 3 install and all the posts in WordPress.
My site where I post my resume and professional experience information was in serious need of a visual refresh.  I originally did the site about 5 years ago and haven't touched it since.  The redesign is a very clean and simplistic style.
Gallery 3 is now in a stable beta release, so I've started work on a theme focused on dark colors and a flashier display of albums and photos.  More info on Gallery 3 here.
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